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 We offer credit terms at our discretion and will perform a full credit check before any offer of credit is made.

 All changes to, or cancellations of orders by the buyer must be confirmed in writing by the Seller.

 Delivery dates given to buyers are always approximate.

 No order may be cancelled by the buyer if the delivery date of goods exceeds the original delivery lead time given by the seller. In this case the buyer must inform the seller of a reasonable alternate date.

 Buyers who are collecting goods must agree to collect on the advised date or else the seller can cancel completely or partially the full order without rights or compensation, or can compel the buyer to collect.

We reserve the right to cancel completely or partially any order without any right of compensation to the buyer.

 A delivery note signed by the buyer will be considered by the seller as the final discharge of the delivery of the goods.

 All complaints concerning the goods must be sent in writing within 8 days of delivery. In cases a complaint is declared as valid, the seller will only compensate by the replacement of the defective goods.

 All invoice queries must be sent in writing within 8 days after invoice date.

 All invoices are payable in Gullegem, Belgium.

 Payments which are not made within agreed terms will be liable to an interest charge on any amount outstanding at the rate of 1.5% per month.  There will be a supplementary compensation due for the amount of 15% of the invoice with a minimum of Euro 24.79 if invoices stay unpaid after a written reminder.

 When an invoice remains unpaid and overdue of agreed terms, the seller may claim all other outstanding invoices immediately and the seller is entitled to postpone all other sales transactions until full payment of all invoices or to cancel all other sales transactions without any legal proceedings or without the need of informing the buyer officially.

 The goods remain full property of the seller until full payment of the invoices are paid.

 All risk associated with supplied goods passes to the customer upon delivery/collection.

 If the buyer cancels an order or does not respect his commitments, the seller has the right to force the execution of the order or to claim a compensation of 30% of the value of the goods, irrespectively the proven higher damage for the seller due to the cancellation of the agreement by the buyer.

 Prices are always without any engagement and can be calculated against the daily rate valid on the day of delivery, even without any previous notification. Pricelists cannot be considered as an offer. All prices are quoted in Euro.

 The seller cannot be responsible for any color variations of the products.

 Unless agreed otherwise, the transport, insurance and customs costs are not included in the price.

 Belgian Law governs all transactions and irreconcilable disputes will be settled in the court of Kortrijk.

These terms of sales supersede the buyers terms of purchase.