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Nothing beats the efficiency of a high-quality wet wipe. Time after time these impregnated non- wovens prove their added value for people who cannot leave their working place or to people who are on the road to fulfill their duties. Our power scrub, a slightly abrasive non-woven drenched with soap is an absolute must have for people working with greasy elements and without access to water. With this brilliant cloth you have clean hands in no time.  Our asept wipes take it a step further an clean hands and surfaces hygienically. Our wet towel is an alcohol drenched cloth, individually packed, being a perfect solution for a swift and hygienic cleaning of surfaces.

Of course, it is also possible to add your own detergent formula to our wipes. You can compose your own wet wipe by selecting one of our wipes and matching tub and adding the chemical best suited for your application.